My Ultimate Girls Night Out


When thinking of an ultimate girls trip, the first thing that pops into my head is VEGAS! Next is SEQUINS! Then comes DANCING! (You like my mix of obnovious capital letters and exclamation points?!!!) I may have watched one-too-many movies set in Las Vegas, but I have this dream in my head of what a night in Vegas would be like. I've never been to Vegas, so perhaps my dream is a bit idealized, but one day I'll just have to go there to find Continue Reading

Pain and Carbs


As many of you know, I'm a recovering binge eater. In the past, I would use eating to completely numb emotional pain or depression. I wrote a bit about this in this recent post. Eating was a way to make the pain stop, even for just a little bit. (We may be entering into TMI territory here - you've been warned.) Yesterday, I had an IUD (intrauterine device) put in. It's a long term, reversable contraceptive option that is inserted into the Continue Reading

Plus Size Swimwear


This summer, I've been swimming quite a bit and unfortunatley (or fortunately) the 2 suits I have are both a little too big, especially in the bust. Instead of hoping nothing comes out that shouldn't, I ordered a new swimsuit on sale at Lands End. They always have well-made swimsuits that resist chlorine well and they have a good selection for plus size. There are quite a few other swimsuits I loved as well, which you can see on my Pinterest Continue Reading

Virtual Fistbump: Holley Mangold

I've been quite obsessed with Holley Mangold the past few weeks. An article about a 350 pound female olympian grabbed my attention, and ever since, I've put her in my imaginary pack of plus size besties. (Also on this list? Melissa McCarthy, Adele, Ashley Graham, and Brooke Elliott) If you're not familiar with Holley, she is a first time Olympian who will be competing in Olympic Weightlifting. She is the sister of New York Jets center Nick Continue Reading

Endless Possibilities


Last week, my friend Christina blogged about the birth of her new niece. This part of her post really made me have a little "aha moment" I needed: Speaking of life... my niece was born. She’s one of those seriously beautiful babies that you can’t stop looking at. Dark hair, dark eyes, perfect skin. So sweet. Anyway, today when I stopped in the hospital to see her, my brother (the baby is his daughter), says to the baby, in a joking way, Continue Reading