Weekly Roundup


Welcome to the time where I mix a bunch of incoherent, seemingly unrelated things and put them into a single blog post. Sentences just aren't coming with ease for me today. This week I have been in a funk-o-rama. Not quite sure exactly why, but you know how it goes sometimes. Thanks to those who read my latest email newsletter that went out this week. Hard one to write, but it's an important part of my story. Want to subscribe? You can do Continue Reading

Inspiring Women


Every time I log on to Pinterest, I inevitibly see pictures of super-ripped men and women that have been posted from friends of all shapes and sizes. The captions often read: "inspiration" or "fitspiration" or "I want these ripped abs!" I don't get inspired by these idealistic images. Really, it's all fine and dandy if people want to post them as long as they don't use that inspiration to go to the extreme with their fitness or eating Continue Reading

Healthy Living Freed Me From Death

clicky, clicky!

Today, I've got a post over on Health Living Blogs titled: "Healthy Living Freed Me From Death." Here's an excerpt: As a 455 pound twenty-something, the life you live is really not much of a life at all. Imagine trying to haul hundreds of excess weight up from a seated position. Or up the stairs. Or into a restaurant and trying to find a place to sit that is large enough for you. The amount of weight that I was hovering at is not something Continue Reading

Sunday Snippets


Wow. Another weekend has come and gone! I've had a very "blah" weekend, which was quite appreciated. Just hanging out at home. Floated around the pool yesterday, and cleaned the floors. My pup promptly tracked mud in the house. Awesome. First and foremost, thank you so much for the amazing support you showed me (as always) after my latest post about my negative perception of my body, and changing it by recording a video of my workout. I want Continue Reading

Jacket + Jeans


It may still feel like summer outside, but everywhere you turn right now, fall fashion is reigning. Fall is probably my favorite season, and I love that you can layer lots of things, use great textures, and still incorporate summer colors in smaller doses. Here's an outfit I'm looking forward to creating this fall. The premise: Pair your yearlong-appropriate dark wash trouser jeans with a colorful or printed tunic from summer with a modern Continue Reading