Offering No Apologies


I'm a people-pleaser. Always have been, and always will be. In having this characteristic, I tend to apologize a lot, even if things aren't quite my fault. I'll grab ownership and apologize, making myself feel awful in the process. Over the years, I've worked hard to stop internalizing everything, and for the most part, it has worked. The past few weeks, however, I've noticed the pattern of apologizing: Said to my trainer after completing Continue Reading

New outfits from Gwynnie Bee and last call!


It's amazing how excited I get when new packages land at my door. Today, I've got some brand new arrivals from Gwynnie Bee to share. No idea what Gwynnie Bee is? Here's my overview. On to the pictures! I would have NEVER purchased any of these 4 pieces on my own. I would have looked at them in admiration, then dismissed them as things that probably wouldn't look good on me. The hassle of ordering and returning them (not to Continue Reading

The Color Run Recap


Today, I rolled out of bed super early to head to The Color Run in Louisville. Billed as "The happiest 5K on the planet," this untimed race is held at locations across the country. The premise? You do a 5K and at certain stations throughout the course, you get doused in color (dyed corn starch). 8,000 people participated in the Louisville event. The crowd was crazy, but it was super-organized. Before After! This was the first "organized" Continue Reading

Back in the Saddle!

a little sweat never killed anyone :)

This past couple of weeks, I've worked hard to re-form my exercise habit that I had prior to my injury-of-a-freakin-lifetime. Take it from me: if you're in a workout routine currently, DO NOT STOP if you can avoid it! Man alive, it's been difficult to get my mind back into making time for the gym. Case-in-point? On my second back-at-it workout, I moaned and groaned and cursed myself before finally getting into the car to drive to the gym. I Continue Reading

Turquoise Home


I've been looking into making some changes in my living room, adding some more color. The area rug that I have in my living room is getting a little threadbare between my vacuum and my dog who used to paw at it. Existing living room colors: I went through the awesomeness that is One Kings Lane today and picked out some things I would like to change up my living room. I think I'm going through a turquoise phase right now. 1. Ikat 20x20 Continue Reading