The post about food.

Meal Planning

I get lots of questions emailed to me about my food: what do I eat, how much, what do I suggest, etc. Talking about food is almost as uncomfortable for me as talking about religion or politics. It's a massive part of my problem with my weight as well as the thing that I've put the most energy into trying to correct. I'll show my workout videos to the world all day long, but if you ask me to talk about my relationship with food, it's like you're Continue Reading

OOTD: Chambray Shirt and Boots

Lands End Chambray Tunic

I'm loving this new chambray tunic that I got from Lands End. I went to order a pair of chinos, and ended up ordering this tunic along with a triple-wrap belt and a knit button down shirt. Tunics are tricky because I have a long torso and they never seem to be long enough. Also, if they're not stretchy, they usually don't fit my hips. This tunic does both though. I paired it with a simple pair of Old Navy leggings and a pair of  boots to run to Continue Reading

My Elevator Experience at FitBloggin’

Me and Sue, post Zumba

Not sure what day it is, but I'm alive and kicking and have so much to say! Thursday-Sunday was spent in Baltimore for FitBloggin' and Monday-Wednesday were spent in Montana for work. I made it home last night around midnight and cannot wait to catch up on sleep this weekend. Not complaining at all though, I'm incredibly thankful for all of it. I'm just an introvert (this may surprise some of you) and usually need quite a bit of quiet time in my Continue Reading

Exhausted and Exhilarated.

Me and Bitchcakes!

As you've noticed from the tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagrams (as well as a quiet blog), I've been incredibly busy. FitBloggin' was this past weekend and it was amazing, as usual. I have so, so much to share from my experience, but will need to write when I'm more awake. I went from Baltimore to Montana for a meeting and had all kinds of flight problems and delays, meaning I'm running on zero fumes (which were already depleted from Continue Reading

Ahoy, Matey!


Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. I don't actually know *how* to talk in pirate, but here's a pirate pickup line for you: "Come on up and see me urchins." Bwahaha! I know, I have the humor of a five year old. I'm about 24 hours away from being ready to leave for FitBloggin, but seeing as I need to be at the airport in just 12 hours, I better get a move on. Be ready for the barrage of tweets and hopefully photos from the next few days in Continue Reading