Outfits this Week

Plus Size New Arrivals

December is a month of lots of events and needing to cycle through outfits from work to professional cocktail to holiday bonanzas. I hate to admit it, but my closet probably has more clothes in a discarded pile on the floor than hanging on the racks. It's a mess. Anyway, here are 3 outfits I've got pulled for this week from my latest box of Gwynnie Bee arrivals. (Gwynnie Bee is an awesome service that's like the Netflix of clothing. Amazing) I Continue Reading

Accountability Update

Sweet Potato / Bacon / Onion Paleo Hash

Someone commented in my last post that they'd like to hear more of what I'm doing to get healthy. I think it will be good for an accountability perspective for me, and can also help me recognize good things I've done for myself along with things I can improve. My biggest concern with posting this is that I don't want people to follow what I do without getting proper clearance and instruction from medical professionals... WARNING: This blog is Continue Reading

Lifting the veil to expose insecurities

Lifting the veil

Note: I'm writing this post not to defend myself or to cry foul over dissenting comments. I really think this has been a valuable learning lesson and just want to explain the processing of the episode a bit. A little over a week ago, I wrote a blog post called "Accepting the Now." I'd love if you checked it out in it's entirety before moving forward in this post, but to summarize: I'm tired of the endless runaround and analysis my head plays Continue Reading

Weekly Roundup

Silver Glitter Christmas Tree

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know there are some groans going on tonight as some of us prepare to go back to work for the first time in several days with the Thanksgiving holiday. I celebrated Thanksgiving last Saturday, so I spent Thanksgiving putting up Christmas decorations. Speaking of, here's a random photo of my Christmas tree. It's a glitter explosion and it's a little unreal how happy it makes me to just sit in front of it Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving!  Today and everyday I am thankful. I am thankful for a loving husband and my pup. I'm thankful for my improving health and a great group of people who are helping me find my way. Therapist, trainers, etc. I am thankful for fulfilling work. I am thankful for friends near and far, old and new. I am thankful for each person who reads my words and follows my journey. This includes the vocal cheerleaders, the silent Continue Reading