Super Stripes


I'm not shy about stripes. Even if they're horizontal, I just appreciate a difference in print. The stripes on this Corey dress were placed in a couple different ways. After seeing the photos, they might seem to exaggerate my stomach. That being said, I don't mind it - I'm not oblivious to the fact that I have a stomach! I felt beautiful in this dress. Corey (aka Corey Lynn Calter) is a brand that doesn't do plus, but created a capsule Continue Reading

The Confidence Bucket List

I can't imagine anything more freeing, or more terrifying.

The fabulous Brittany of Brittany, Herself and the Curvy Girl Guide community has set up some body blogging prompts for August. As I sat down to try to eek out a #TransparentTuesday post yesterday around this, I had a complete mental roadblock and had to step away. Thus, a Transparent Wednesday post! Prompt: "The Confidence Bucket List: Tell me about 10 things you hope to one day have the confidence to do." I've been considering revising my Continue Reading

Feelin’ Fancy in Floral

London Times Side Ruched Dress

It's zero secret that I love wrap dresses and florals. This dress, with it's vibrant colors and really comfortable fabric, was an instant winner. As you likely guessed, it's from Gwynnie Bee (learn more about Gwynnie Bee here). Everytime someone says they wish they could have my closet, I try to explain that it's not MY closet they want: it's the Gwynnie Bee closet. The split of GB clothes that I wear over things I personally own is probably Continue Reading

A Year Gone By

graduating physical therapy!

I can't believe July is over. July of 2013 was a time of such big changes, and the past 12 months feel like I've been slowly crawling back to normalcy - whatever that is! This sounds more dramatic than it really was, but it was still really challenging physically and mentally. Surgery My surgery to repair a tear in my posterior tibial tendon was last July. I never had surgery and was a lot more worried than I admitted. That being said, I was so Continue Reading

Wordless Wednesday

Stop worrying about what others think.

I'm not sure how "wordless" this post is considering the image I want to share is full of words. My travel has finally died down (New York, Savannah, Montana, Nashville) and I have things to say but just can't find the words. Or get them organized. Or find time to get them down on the blog. So for today, I have this. It's been on my mind for the past several weeks. I'm always hyper-aware of what others think of me, and it's exhausting and Continue Reading