My Closet

I was so frustrated last night as I rummaged through my closet only to exclaim the old... "I don't have anything to wear!" Yet, staring me in the face was TONS of clothes. Some hung, some piled, some in baskets. It's ridiculous. It always gets this way between seasons where I need to put away the winter stuff and break out the summer stuff. In a moment of weakness, I took a shot of it. Anyone have tips on how to organize a closet? I've tried Continue Reading

Mind Intimidation

image via Pinterest

It's amazing what several months off of most exercise can do to your mind. Yes, your body is impacted negatively, but your mind seems to snap back into habits faster than you can blink. My ankle injury and extremely slow progress with its healing has given my mind plenty of time to reform old nasty thoughts. The ones that say "no, you can't do that." Do I think my body won't physically be able to handle things? No. I am putting an Continue Reading

OOTD: Blue Hued

It's been way too long since I've had some new Kiyonna in my wardrobe. Since I love all things cobalt, I knew I needed this shirt. Kiyonna Backstage Dolman Top, Sapphire Blue (I'm wearing a size 3), $64 Old Navy Linen Blend Pants, White (I'm wearing a size 24), $42.94 Bracelets - old from Lane Bryant The Webster at Target flats, green/blue, $29.99 Here is a more detailed picture of the shoes. I love them! Continue Reading

Holding on for dear life


Most recently I've talked about postponing joy because of fear. It's something that's been on my mind a lot lately as I'm in some sort moody/introspective/meaning-of-life phase. I'd blame it on lunar cycles or hormones, but honestly I know nothing about those two things so just attribute this phase to being seriously scatterbrained. First, for all of the mama's out there, happy mothers day! I hope you had a fantastic time with your kid(s) or Continue Reading

Update on The Webster at Target for Plus Sizes

It took all of 2 days for 2 of my The Webster Miami dresses from Target to arrive. The flats I ordered will probably be delivered tomorrow. Several people in the comments and on Twitter asked me for updates after the first post went up, so here it goes. I share the good, bad, and ugly here. For the 2 dresses I ended up ordering, I think that 1 is good and 1 is UGLY. First up is this one: I took it out of the plastic, eyed the funny Continue Reading