Chevron Confusion

I love the chevron pattern trend - it's everywhere from clothes to accessories to shoes to home decor. I hadn't found any great plus size chevron pieces though, until I stumbled across a couple of dresses from Old Navy. I just tried them on and am confused. I like them in theory, but they're not really flattering, and definitely don't make me feel half as good as any Rachel Pally dress - although they're a fraction of the cost of a regular Continue Reading

Threader Earrings

I have no idea why, but I love threader earrings. Perhaps it's because I can't lose the backs on them since they have no backs? (Seriously, I lose so many it's not even funny). I don't see threaders on many people, but perhaps I'm just not attentive enough? I just bought this pair of simple threader earrings from storygirlcreations on Etsy. Simple silver with a Swarovski crystal briolette. $18. Do you have any threaders? Continue Reading



I've done some deep posts in the past week or so, and for today, all I have to say is... balls. That's basically my way of saying my attitude is sucky right now. But sucky isn't the right word, balls is. Basically, frustration and some sadness, but acceptance of what it is. I don't know where my terminology comes from. Perhaps I'll blame Holli. Anyway, I read a post from the awesome Lydia about her trepidation of doing the Run the Bluegrass Continue Reading

OOTD: Another Rachel Pally Dress

I blogged a couple weeks ago about my first Rachel Pally dress. It's ridiculously comfortable and it makes me feel pretty. I got it from Ideeli (I know, I get a lot there!) so it was about half price of what a normal Rachel Pally dress would be. I knew that I had missed out on another dress they had because I just wasn't sure how it was going to fit and if it'd be worth the hype. Imagine my excitement when I saw the Rachel Pally dress back on Continue Reading

I’m destined to be fat and unhappy.


I've spent the weekend in a relaxed mood without anxiety from looming deadlines or chores that needed to be done. It's been a long time since I've felt this at peace without my head berating me with 500 things I need to do by Monday. I watched TV, read a book, went to get coffee, re-organized my closet (for fun, mind you), watched some TED Talks videos, and slept. I sat down this afternoon wanting to write. The problem was that I didn't Continue Reading