Vlog: Seeking Therapy/Counseling to Help with Weight Loss

This is another reader question that came to me recently: I've thought about going to see a therapist about my weight issues, but am intimidated by it. Do you have any tips or thoughts? I've struggled with depression and anxiety for over 16 years, and have shared some of those experiences. You can check them out here. To give you a frame of reference: I regularly see a therapist for counseling I see a psychiatric nurse practitioner who Continue Reading

Tee Time

Goal Tee

This is something I've contemplated doing for over a year now. I have a couple of Skinny Emmie shirts I wear to races and such, and numerous people have asked if they can buy one. There are places like Spreadshirt and Cafe Press that people can set up a little shop and have people order shirts through their store. The problem with those is that I'm SUPER picky about my t-shirts. I wanted ones that would go up to a 3XL, but that would still have Continue Reading

Vlog: Half Marathon Regrets?

A couple of weeks ago, I asked if anyone had topics they'd like me to cover in some vlog posts. I got some great questions! Here's the first one, asked by Rachel: After all you've been through with your ankle injury, had you known there was even just a chance of the damage, would you still have competed in the race when you did? Or would you have waited to give your body time to get leaner & stronger? How do you feel about taking Continue Reading

Yeah, Baby!

I feel a little frantic right now, in a good way. I'm not usually a "woo hoo!" kind of girl, but right now, I just want to scream: "WOO FREAKIN' HOO!" Short version because it's late and I should go to sleep: Woke up late and was all "meh" and groggy Got some Starbucks and it perked me up and I got some work done Went to private yoga session and my back and ankle felt incredible during it. Yes, I'm weak on that one side, but we worked Continue Reading

Oh the places you’ll go…


Today, I was feeling incredibly old as I sat in the gym of my old high school and watched my niece in her 8th grade recognition ceremony. It was a flood of memories sitting in the bleachers, remembering how I helped decorate the gym for prom, and how I hated playing volleyball on the gym floor, unless it was my turn to serve (it was the only part I was decent at). I remembered my embarrassment in the girls locker room - not because anyone teased Continue Reading