Postponing Joy

Rambling after too little sleep the past few nights... How many times in life have you postponed joy because of fear? This doesn't have to do with weight loss or fitness necessarily - it can be anything. Going for some goal, talking to someone you admire, throwing your name in the hat for an amazing experience - they're all things that I've noticed that I postpone (or avoid all together) because of fear. Just a few of the notes of fear I've Continue Reading

5 Minutes of Amazing

This video has been all over Facebook recently, but I never took the time to watch it until today when Roni posted it on her blog and I stayed still long enough to watch it. It's been 5 minutes since I've watched it and I'm still crying. This video was less than 5 minutes and has stirred my soul in a way that nothing else has in a while. Please watch. Continue Reading

Little Victory Forgotten

Quick note for this Sunday as I want to finish writing my first ever newsletter that is going out tomorrow. Sign up here if you'd like to get it. I was thinking of calling it "Emmie, Unfiltered" but we'll see. One of the things that I need to work on in my daily routine is celebrating victories. They can be big or small, but the act of accomplishing something and then brushing it aside to focus on another problem is just sad. We throw away Continue Reading

The Webster for Target Plus Size

When Target does designer collaborations, they often overlook the plus size customers. I was really disappointed with the Missoni and Jason Wu collections at Target were completely devoid of plus size options. This morning I got a text alert that The Webster for Target was now available online, with some pieces in plus sizes. I love prints and colors: for those in the south, think Lilly Pulitzer. The Webster is reminiscent of those types of Continue Reading

Joy Trumps Pain


You know what happens when you get wrapped up in joy from recalling amazing experiences and intense happiness as I did yesterday? You forget about pain. Real, physical pain. I was already unsteady on my bad ankle, which is actually healing, but isn't used to being walked on for longer than 1 mile. Add in a dark Chinatown alley and some untied shoelaces and you end up with an Emmie down. Whoopsies! Thankfully, my clumsy spill took Continue Reading