Last Call: T-Shirts


Editing to add: So someone just pointed out the hilarious typo I made in this post. I'm totally not changing it to see if it can make you giggle. Can you find it? Hi friends! Just wanted to let you know we have enough orders for Skinny Emmie t-shirts. I'm going to place the order tomorrow afternoon, so if you want to grab one, please order before 2pm EST on Monday. I probably won't do shits again for several more months just because there isn't Continue Reading

Darkest Before the Dawn


This is one of my favorite quotes. It's been entering my head quite often lately: Sometimes, life sucks. We get stuck. Things feel bleak. No matter what we try, things just seem to accumulate in a big pile of shit. Sometimes we bitch and moan. Other times, we suffer in silence. Remember this, and know that it will get better. When you're feeling your lowest, you are standing at the base of a mountain of opportunity. Embrace Continue Reading


While being a plus size designer is on my bucket list, this is the closest I feel I might get - designing Skinny Emmie t-shirts! They're available for pre-order right now, and would love if you'd take a look! Tees are $18 each plus shipping. Domestic shipping is $4 for the first tee plus $1 per additional tee in the same order. International shipping is $10 for the first tee plus $4 per additional tee in the same order. Just click the tees Continue Reading


photo from June, 2006

A few years ago at my highest weight, I remember watching the story of David Smith, on the TLC documentary, "The 650-pound Virgin."  It was one of those "if he can do it, I can do it" moments where I watched in awe and admiration as he lost over 400 pounds. Today, Alan posted on Instagram a screenshot from an interview David did with the Today Show this morning, having gained over 300 pounds of his weight back. My heart broke for him Continue Reading

Hello Baggage

the offending image

Today I present to you a combination of emotional baggage sprinkled with truth and a dusting of humility. (No, you won't find the recipe on Pinterest.) Last night while I was busy dancing without pain in my sassy pants, I felt invincible. The burden of 14 months knocked out of my recently-embraced fitness routine had been lifted with one high five from the physical therapist. I successfully leaped over the tallest hurdle in my weight Continue Reading