OOTD: Maxi Flowers

Here's a dress I wore this weekend. It's appropriate I have no shoes on because the only time I put shoes on that day was to run to Starbucks. It's just comfortable and easy to wear. Maxi dress: Ronni Nicole via Ideeli, size 24, $39.99 (no longer available) Continue Reading

Take My Stuff!

Okay, so I have 20 pieces I just took out of my closet that I'm looking to get rid of. I'm selling most of these for $5 plus shipping, and a few are $10 plus shipping. I was going to just give them all away, but then after trying to estimate the time it will take to box it all up, process labels, weigh boxes, go to the post office or UPS store, etc, I realized I might regret not asking for SOMETHING to cover all of that. Hope you Continue Reading

Closet Cleanup

The weekend nearly blew by without me even looking at the disaster that is my closet. I got the energy to try to tackle it a little, and this is the result: Still not perfect, but it's much improved over what I had. A lot of stuff is going to Goodwill, but I also wondered if I should give some pieces away here. I have about 15 things that I think people would like, so I'm currently trying to figure out how to make it where people can Continue Reading

The Friday Countdown

Happy Friday! I'm taking this format for today's post from the awesome Emily of Fit and Free Emily. Here we go! 5 posts to check out: Life of a Binge Eater: A Snapshot - Speaking of Fit and Free Emily, she shared this brave post about a topic I am all-too-familiar with: binge eating. Race Report: Flying Pig Marathon - The awesome Krissie from Questions for Dessert recently finished her first full marathon. The Elephant in the Blog - Continue Reading

Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

I haven't done many Q&A posts, so I thought I would try them out. You submit a question (it can be done anonymously if you want) and I'll pick some questions to answer via video. Have a burning question? Hit me! Just fill out the form below. Hopefully I won't have an empty inbox since I tend to share everything with everyone anyway, LOL! Continue Reading