Dancing in my sassy pants


It started with training for a half marathon I completed in April 2011. I went on to a podiatrist (insoles), then to an orthopedic surgeon (boot 1), then back to the orthopedic surgeon (special insoles) to another orthopedic surgeon (cast and boot 2) to physical therapy. I've been in 2 walking boots and 1 cast (technically, 4 casts since it kept breaking). I have been in physical therapy for 4 months. Now, 14 months later from my Continue Reading

OOTD: Shorts


I haven't worn shorts in a few years. Well, I take that back: I wear shorts to sleep in, but never outside of the house. I didn't want to go through another summer of wearing long, heavy jeans, so I've been searching for shorts, capris, crops, etc. My search went in vain and I nearly gave up. I was running through Target and stopped in the teeny tiny plus size section (seriously, it shrinks every time I go to Target). I saw some shorts in Continue Reading

Sunday Share: Hey, Fat Girl


Happy Sunday! I wanted to quickly share this because I loved it. It's from a blog called FlintLand, and is titled "Hey, Fat Girl." Hey, Fat Girl.   Yes, you. The one feigning to not see me when we cross paths on the running track. The one not even wearing sports gear, breathing heavy. You’re slow, you breathe hard and your efforts at moving forward make you cringe.   You cling shyly to the furthest corridor, sometimes making Continue Reading

Signature Scent


When I think of my mom, I can remember the signature perfume that she wore (Quelque Fleur). I've never found a perfume that I liked more than a couple of weeks, so I decided to do something about it! I ventured to this cute fragrance boutique in downtown Lexington, The Crushed Violet. Owner Erin (who I interviewed for HerKentucky) worked with me to find some great scents. I was easily able to articulate what I DIDN'T like, but was hard to Continue Reading