OOTD: Bright

Quick outfit of the day featuring one of my H&M+ tops: H&M+ top, 3x Calvin Klein black pants via Ideeli, size 24 Cole Haan bright yellow wedges And if that wasn't enough crazy color, I had my hair cut today and decided to add some blue feathers to root on the Kentucky Wildcats this weekend: You know what would have made these colors and outfit pop even more? Old Navy Flat-Bead Necklace, $15,94 Continue Reading

H&M Plus Sizes Review


This week I was in Chicago for work. When asked what I wanted to see or do, I said: The Art Institute of Chicago, the bean, and H&M on Michigan Avenue. H&M announced earlier this year that they were going to launch a plus size collection in select US stores. Before I had this blog dedicated to fashion, I blogged at Skinny Emmie about my obsession with the H&M plus line called Inclusive that they sold in Europe only last spring. Continue Reading

Cole Haan Spring 2012

Since I've been dealing with my ankle injury, my focus has been on finding cute, yet supportive shoes for when I'm back to 100%. I threw out 4 pairs of old floppy flats with zero support this past week, and replaced them with 2 pair of Cole Haan shoes. I wrote about my first pair of Cole Haan shoes here. I used to think the Nike Air "technology" in Cole Haan shoes was just a bunch of phooey. It's not. The things are so comfortable, it's Continue Reading

Spring Cardi Find

Hi friends. Here in Kentucky we seem to have skipped spring and gone straight into summer. Thankfully it has cooled off a little today so I can stop fanning myself like Karl Lagerfeld. Anyway, I've searched high and low for a light 3/4 sleeved cardigan. I think they are super versatile and can be worn nearly any season and dressed up or down. My favorites used to be some from Old Navy, however the fabric of them has changed and they don't hold Continue Reading

More to Life

image credit: ugmonk

Sometimes, I'm forgetful. It can be forgetting little things like where my car keys are (or more likely, where my cell phone is), or more severe such as the "duh moment" that hit me tonight. It's not a new revelation or anything, it's actually a known fact. I just tend to un-know forget it. There is more to life than weight loss. <insert a collective, "well, duh!" here> The problem is that my road to living "life" has SO MUCH to do Continue Reading