Slowing the Chase


Ever since I've been cleared from physical therapy, I've wondered, "what's next?" Friday, I was listening to my friend Lydia talking about her triathlon training. Doing a triathlon is on my fitness bucket list, so my ears perk up around any discussions about it. The race she's doing is local, and is in September. It took all of 0.5 nanoseconds for me to say I was going to do it and justify in my head that I had plenty of time to train as long Continue Reading

A Fat Acceptance Weight Loss Blogger?


The past few weeks, I've watched something interesting happen on my Google Analytics. For non-bloggers or web nerds, Google Analytics is what lets me see how many people are visiting this site and from where. For a couple of years, I've watched people find me after searching for "fat porn" and "extreme weight loss methods." I'm happy to report that those are now moving down the list (thankfully), and another phrase has skyrocketed to the top: Continue Reading

New Haircut


I've been a little obsessive over the ombre hair trend, but having short, straight hair meant I was hesitant to try it. What I did know was that I wanted different colors in my hair, including blonde, which I have NEVER done. I've had black lowlights, and highlights all shades of red, purple, and brown. Never blonde. My stylist foiled in highlights with 2 colors - a blonde and a lighter brown, and started them lower on the head than Continue Reading

5 Steps to Healthy

5 steps to healthy

Today I am going to tackle another reader question: I'm 17 and weigh 290 pounds. I really want to be healthy! What's your biggest tip for someone wanting to lose a lot of weight?  (submitted by Maggie) Oh gosh, Maggie, to be 17 again! It feels like yesterday, but it's been 14 years - my goodness. For your sake, I won't start going on with the "when I was 17" stories. You probably don't want to hear about the golden days, LOL. In your Continue Reading

Last Call: T-Shirts


Editing to add: So someone just pointed out the hilarious typo I made in this post. I'm totally not changing it to see if it can make you giggle. Can you find it? Hi friends! Just wanted to let you know we have enough orders for Skinny Emmie t-shirts. I'm going to place the order tomorrow afternoon, so if you want to grab one, please order before 2pm EST on Monday. I probably won't do shits again for several more months just because there isn't Continue Reading