I Eat What I Want


This past weekend, my gym had a fabulous opportunity to listen to Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo and Dr. Brooke Kalanick talk about the roles of diet and stress with health. Dr. Brooke is my naturopath who diagnosed me with Hashimoto's, and I was happy to get to meet her in person (we Skype as she's based in NYC). I love Sarah's cookbooks and was excited to hear her as well. Sorry for the craptastic picture. I was trying not to be "that Continue Reading

Food is Not a Painkiller


[Click to tweet this] Something totally unexpected that has happened since my ankle surgery nearly 3 weeks ago: I had a "smack me in the face" type of moment about my long-troubled relationship with food. You know how there are things that you know, logically - and then things happen that make you really pull the blindfold off to be able to SEE that knowledge? This happened to me last weekend when I did something ridiculously stupid - trying Continue Reading

Deprivation or Overindulgence

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I feel like throughout my entire life, I've operated at the opposite sides of the same spectrum: Deprivation and overindulgence. With food, I have historically operated really well on things that are really restrictive. No carbs. No sugar. No fat. 500 calories. Give me a super strict regimen and I can follow it... for a time. On the other side, I am really good (if you can call it that) at overindulging. Having binge eating disorder meant Continue Reading

Guest Post: Counteracting Conventional Knowledge

Today we've got a guest post from Misty of The Family Math. When she contacted me about this post, I knew exactly what she was talking about because I had experienced the same thing. For now, I'm handing the reigns over to her. Check back next week for a FitnessGlo giveaway. Take it away, Misty! I've had weight issues since I was a kid, a teenager really. In middle school, I decided I wanted to play basketball. I was naturally athletic but a Continue Reading

Citrus Salmon and Acorn Squash


This post should probably be titled "holy cow, Emmie is blogging about cooking" because that's how rare it is. The moment I got off the plane in Baltimore for FitBloggin', I headed straight to an event that was being hosted by McCormick. When I arrived to the McCormick Testing and Innovation Center, I got to see many of my FitBloggin friends heading off the busses and into the center for the event as well. We were treated to an amazingly tasty Continue Reading