My Relationship Status… with Food

Four Favorite Kitchen Essentials

This is my sixth post with the Kohl's #MakeYourMove initiative. View my previous #MakeYourMove posts here, and follow the movement on social media using #MakeYourMove. Oh food, how I love eating thee. Oh food, how I loathe cooking thee. This year I've been making a very deliberate effort to cook at home. I mean, people do it all the time - I wasn't doing it out of pure laziness. Instead of whipping up a quick lunch (easy enough since I work Continue Reading

Fail to (Food) Plan, Plan to Fail

Meal planning

I'm in the swing of Whole30-ing it this month so I can rid my body of the sluggishness and brain fog that has taken hold over the past few months. I'm not weighing or measuring during the month – just simply hoping to improve the way that I feel in an effort to gain all the energy I can to tackle 2015! Over the next few months, I'll share how I am going to Make My Move in the 4 areas of wellness: stress management, improved sleep, physical Continue Reading

It’s Not a Resolution

How I feel, 24/7

The past few weeks, this feeling has come over me of intense sluggishness. I feel bloated, lethargic, have ongoing headaches, brain fog, and am not sleeping. One of my biggest priorities since this divorce process started was to avoid a binge. I have been binge-free for over 2 years now, but with such an emotional blow, I was prime for a relapse. My binge eating disorder peaked after my mom died in 2007, and it feels like this period has tested Continue Reading

I Eat What I Want


This past weekend, my gym had a fabulous opportunity to listen to Sarah Fragoso of Everyday Paleo and Dr. Brooke Kalanick talk about the roles of diet and stress with health. Dr. Brooke is my naturopath who diagnosed me with Hashimoto's, and I was happy to get to meet her in person (we Skype as she's based in NYC). I love Sarah's cookbooks and was excited to hear her as well. Sorry for the craptastic picture. I was trying not to be "that Continue Reading

Food is Not a Painkiller


[Click to tweet this] Something totally unexpected that has happened since my ankle surgery nearly 3 weeks ago: I had a "smack me in the face" type of moment about my long-troubled relationship with food. You know how there are things that you know, logically - and then things happen that make you really pull the blindfold off to be able to SEE that knowledge? This happened to me last weekend when I did something ridiculously stupid - trying Continue Reading