Food Planning

I know I've said 100 times I'm a lazy cook. Last week though, I tried to be proactive and planned out some meals and pre-prepared them. Turns out that last week became 100% insane, and without that food, I would have been at the mercy of convenience foods. I was completely beat-down-exhausted, didn't feel well, and only walked twice. The food planning totally saved my week. Yay planning! The problem I was left with on Friday though was that I Continue Reading


I've been asked a few times in the past couple of weeks if I ever post my food and menus. The answer is "not really," but I have a hard time putting into words the WHY behind it. Let's explore into the deep depths (ha!) of my mind and just talk write this one out. I'm not good at planning. I don't have set menus. I am just not that organized! It would be boring. I am a creature of habit, and tend to eat the same meal over and Continue Reading