Workout Music for the New Year

I am someone who MUST have music to really get me going. This could be for a workout, or just for a dance party in my pajamas (what? You don't do that?). As shown before, I have an affinity for Mashups, and each year, Bootie releases the "Best of Bootie" mix for the year. I have had this on non-stop for 2 days now, and my bum hasn't stopped shaking in my seat (since I can't dance on my cast). Listen for just a few minutes, and I know you'll be Continue Reading

June 2011 Workout Playlist

It's been a couple of months since I really revamped my workout playlist. I am REALLY excited about this one - lots of new stuff that isn't all mainstream here yet (I listen to a lot of BBC Radio 1), but with awesome beats. And then Glee to end it - because y'all know I'm a Gleek. What is on your current workout playlist? Continue Reading

Workout Music Mania

So, my usual half-marathon training buddies are both occupied with other things tomorrow, so it looks like I'm going to attempt 11 miles on my own! I'm going to train close to my house in case my husband needs to come pick my ass off the ground if needed. In preparation for the LONG solitude, I have gone through a workout playlist mania tonight. I posted before how much I love to work out to mashups, where DJs take various songs and mash them Continue Reading


This is totally random, and most people will be like "huh? What happened to this blog?" but I just wanted to post this video. For some reason I've been really emotional, anxious and downright high-strung recently (even more so than usual). Throughout my life, I've had acceptance issues: with friends, strangers, coworkers, whatever. No matter what weight I was (or am), I just always worried about people thinking I'm doing a bad job. When I weigh Continue Reading

Workout Music | October 2010

Ack! October already! This means it's time for me to make another workout playlist. Some songs got repeated from September's playlist, however there are some interesting new entries: The Bike Song, inspired by my lady-bit trauma from yesterday's spin class Butter, by the fierce and fabulous (and plus size) Miss Platnum. She also makes a re-entry with my other favorite fat-girl song, "Give me the food" And perhaps the most upbeat "F*#k Continue Reading