Food Planning

I know I've said 100 times I'm a lazy cook. Last week though, I tried to be proactive and planned out some meals and pre-prepared them. Turns out that last week became 100% insane, and without that food, I would have been at the mercy of convenience foods. I was completely beat-down-exhausted, didn't feel well, and only walked twice. The food planning totally saved my week. Yay planning! The problem I was left with on Friday though was that I Continue Reading

I’m Back, Baby!

Friday after lunch with my friend Amber. Kiyonna top, Calvin Klein Jeans, Alesya bag

(Ok, so I was never really gone.) Over the past few weeks I've been bummed. Major bummed. Between having to wear the boot to my crazy inner ear infections and vertigo on top of a more hectic schedule, I was plumb worn out. The couple of weeks or so I really noticed lazy habits coming back to surface. I grabbed convenience foods, ate out more, didn't prepare nearly the number of meals I had been, wasn't getting enough protein, starting to Continue Reading

Planning Power

Food-April 2011

First, I must tell you all how overwhelmed I was with the comments left on my latest post about my "freedom week" food choices. I felt so vulnerable writing about it. I was disgusted with myself and was feeling quite down. It's amazing that being so honest about the struggle not only is a way to 'fess up to the issues, but to also face them head on. It never does anyone good to lie to themselves. Yesterday, I sat down and created a spreadsheet Continue Reading