Boot Be Gone


I’m happy to report that the boot is now off of my foot, and hopefully for good! I still have pain and stiffness, but I’m getting bumped up to physical therapy 3 times per week (versus 2) to work on strength and flexibility in that […]

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Weigh In | 9.5.11


It’s a rainy, cool day in Kentucky. I’m working to get a bunch of random things done today since it’s a holiday in the US. To stock up on my food this week I hit up the local Farmer’s Market and Good Foods Co-Op yesterday, […]

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The Boot

The Boot

Welcome to edition #33252 of Emmie’s ramblings. I did a little interview over at Brooklyn Fit Chick’s blog – go check it out here. I’ll wait until you get back… While exploring some more through my past photos and journals, I found the complete opposite […]

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Over the weekend I was going through some old files on my computer, trying to become somewhat organized. While I don’t care to share how poorly my organization efforts turned out, I do want to share something that I found out as a result: I […]

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Stuck and Comfortable

Stuck and Comfortable

Today, I weighed in and it was no surprise that I am still stuck at 343 pounds – 112 pounds lost. Incredibly stuck. The thing about today is that I am not too upset about it. Yes, I would like to be more consistent and […]

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You know how you get these numbers in your head as the next big milestone? For many people, it’s getting below 200 pounds. For some, it’s getting below 300. I know I was really glad when I got rid of 400… thankfully most people don’t […]

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Weigh In | 12.13.10


Starting weight: 455 Last weigh in: 362 Today: 362 Loss this week: -0 Total lost: -93 pounds This past week I have made some changes to my food. I’ve added more carbs than normal by adding sweet potatoes and bananas to my diet. I’ve also […]

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