Boot Be Gone

I'm happy to report that the boot is now off of my foot, and hopefully for good! I still have pain and stiffness, but I'm getting bumped up to physical therapy 3 times per week (versus 2) to work on strength and flexibility in that foot. Still don't have clearance to get in the gym again doing weight bearing activities, but hubs' recumbent bike has come in handy as I can pedal away on it without much pain. It's been nearly 1 year since the pain Continue Reading

Weigh In | 9.5.11

It's a rainy, cool day in Kentucky. I'm working to get a bunch of random things done today since it's a holiday in the US. To stock up on my food this week I hit up the local Farmer's Market and Good Foods Co-Op yesterday, and Fresh Market today. I stocked up on lots of organic veggies, local-grown meat, and sustainably-caught seafood. Pricey, but after a week of eating this way, I must say I feel justified in doing so. And I actually look Continue Reading

The Boot


Welcome to edition #33252 of Emmie's ramblings. I did a little interview over at Brooklyn Fit Chick's blog - go check it out here. I'll wait until you get back... While exploring some more through my past photos and journals, I found the complete opposite of my 15 year old selfI blogged about yesterday. I found a photo of me that I honestly don't remember, from 2003, and I must have been over 450 pounds at this point. I'm thankful for this Continue Reading


Me about 15 pounds less than my highest weight of 455 pounds.

Over the weekend I was going through some old files on my computer, trying to become somewhat organized. While I don't care to share how poorly my organization efforts turned out, I do want to share something that I found out as a result: I just hit my 2 year fativersary. Two years ago, I topped the scale at 455 pounds. Before topping out at 455, I had previously topped out at 445 before losing 130 pounds... and then gaining it all back Continue Reading

Stuck and Comfortable

Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 1.17.33 PM

Today, I weighed in and it was no surprise that I am still stuck at 343 pounds - 112 pounds lost. Incredibly stuck. The thing about today is that I am not too upset about it. Yes, I would like to be more consistent and drop weight quicker, but my body feels great. I go through these re-adjusting periods where the weight loss slows or stops and it's like my body plays catch-up. I lost another dress size, and suddenly lost a shoe size. I've Continue Reading