I am the fat kid in Georgia


I tend to not be a controversial person. I stay pretty neutral on a lot of topics because I like to be well-versed in both sides before forming an opinion. That being said, the controversy this week regarding the Strong4Life campaign running in Georgia has really affected me. Billed as an anti-obesity campaign for children, the message of the ads is to "stop sugarcoating it, Georgia." Here's one that literally made my heart hurt. I WAS that Continue Reading

Kirstie Alley is Not a Size 4

image via Huffington Post

Oh friends. I saw a story this week that said "Tim Gunn Says Kirstie Alley is Not a Size 4."  I love Project Runway and Tim Gunn, who always seems to be extremely supportive of plus size fashion both on the show and off. I also think Kirstie Alley is beautiful, and have always sympathized with her receiving all kinds of flack for decades about her weight. Here are the quotes from Gunn: "There is a phenomenon out there right now that I Continue Reading

Sedentary My Ass!

training for half marathon at Veterans Park (image via Rideout Photography)

My friend Maia posted an article onto my Facebook page last night which referenced a Men's Health Magazine article titled "Where Sit Happens" declaring Lexington, KY (where I live) as America's Most Sedentary City. I was immediately baffled. How can this beautiful place, with it's wonderful, supportive, active community be the most sedentary city in America? In this city: I asked for help with my fitness routine and was immediately Continue Reading

Too fat to fly?


Quite a bit of commotion this weekend on Twitter and in the rest of the social media stratosphere (I'm a marketer, remember? Totally a fan of social media) having to do with director Kevin Smith getting asked to get off a Southwest Airlines plane because of his size (maybe). I typically stay out of any sort of "fat acceptance" types of discussions because it gets controversial and I'm not usually one for controversy when it comes to talking Continue Reading

Skinny Emmie Rant: Bathrooms

Bathroom Stalls

This might be a weird thing to rant about, but can I tell you how much I hate bathroom stalls? I mean, HATE. Listen y'all, I'm a big girl. Thankfully not as big as I once was, but still way bigger than a lot of people. One of the most disgusting things about being big? Having to go into a bathroom stall that is about as wide as my hips. In completely random Skinny Emmie fashion, here are my gripes: The too-small stall: This encompasses Continue Reading