There have been stories in the news the past couple weeks about gyms who are restricting membership to overweight people, with the main argument being that it will make the gym a less intimidating place than when it is full of a bunch of thin people. I'm generalizing it, so if you want to go read more, here's one of the articles about the topic. This is a topic I wrote about on the ENELL blog this week where I gave tips on how to overcome Continue Reading

A Fat Acceptance Weight Loss Blogger?


The past few weeks, I've watched something interesting happen on my Google Analytics. For non-bloggers or web nerds, Google Analytics is what lets me see how many people are visiting this site and from where. For a couple of years, I've watched people find me after searching for "fat porn" and "extreme weight loss methods." I'm happy to report that those are now moving down the list (thankfully), and another phrase has skyrocketed to the top: Continue Reading

This is about life.

Hilton Head 013

Get ready, deep thoughts ahead... The past several weeks, I've hobbled through the doors of the physical therapist and done exercises that shouldn't be hard for me. I'm trying to gain strength and reduce pain from my ankle injury. The extra time on my rear end has left me thinking, which is always dangerous for me ;) Before you think I'm going to complain about how sucky it is to be injured, I'll spare you:  this isn't about injury. This is Continue Reading

Find Your Fill Elsewhere

My history with binge eating is long, sordid, and something that I never acknowledged until a couple of years ago. I just thought I ate a lot - I never took the time to identify that I was using food to feel better emotionally, while making me worse off physically. The last 2 days, I made poor food choices at dinner (pizza, and then Taco Hell - BLECH). These would have been, in my previous life, massive binges. My food choices this past Continue Reading

Lightbulb from Richard Simmons


This week has been insanity for me, and I'm so ready for the weekend! I read this article earlier in the week and bookmarked it to share here because I read it with tears going down my face (and not wearing waterproof mascara- mistake). It is from Richard Simmons. I don't care if you think he's awesome or he's whack-a-doo, in order to get the rest of this post, you'll need to read it. So, clicky clicky. I'll wait. You know what is freaking Continue Reading