Feel like crap, eat like crap

I'm digging out of my hole today after 4 days of being really sick. I feel like my body just shut down and was refusing to go anymore. In one stretch, I slept 17 of 24 hours and still thought I could sleep another 48. Thankfully, I now have antibiotics in my system and am halfway functioning again. The bad news is that when I feel like crap, I eat like crap. I didn't have an appetite for about 48 hours, so what did I eat instead of proper Continue Reading

Give me Sleep and a Z-Pack: Ramblings

My mojo has been replaced the past couple of days by an upper respiratory infection. I am rocking a sexy bar voice right now, but that won't help me exercise without wheezing and coughing up green goo. Christmas Eve I went to the mother-in-laws house to do their Christmas. It was a lot of fun and included good food (of which I ate too much), gifts and some awful off-key Christmas carol singing, including a rousing edition of the 12 Days of Continue Reading