Why am I surprised?

I had a conversation via text today that sparked this post. The timing of the discussion was pretty serendipitous because I've been feeling some of the same things he was talking about in the past 24 hours or so (and a good portion of my life up until now). Bear with me while I try to formulate the words to explain what I'm thinking. My friend explained how excited he was over the success he's having on a project. Excitement and giddiness Continue Reading

I’m a Fighter

A while back, I asked if anyone had questions for me. I was searching for something to write about as I'm suffering from a bout of writers block and immediately wanted to respond to this question: Jennifer asked: I have been reading your blog about a month now and have felt very inspired. My journey is very similar but I am just getting started on a hopeful 175 pound weight loss. I am about a couple months in, and beginning to see the weight Continue Reading

The Numbers of Progress

The numbers of progress aren't always on the scale. This week, I've been sick. Fever, shaky, dizzy, lightheaded. By the time I made it to the doctor yesterday, I had missed 2 days of work this week. One thing that REALLY perked me up? [blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/#!/skinnyemmie/status/83924507659739136"] Normal pulse is between 60-100. Normal blood pressure is less than 120/80. Look at me! This 300+ pound fit and fat girl Continue Reading


Me about 15 pounds less than my highest weight of 455 pounds.

Over the weekend I was going through some old files on my computer, trying to become somewhat organized. While I don't care to share how poorly my organization efforts turned out, I do want to share something that I found out as a result: I just hit my 2 year fativersary. Two years ago, I topped the scale at 455 pounds. Before topping out at 455, I had previously topped out at 445 before losing 130 pounds... and then gaining it all back Continue Reading

100 Pounds of Lessons

image by CDRyan

Wow. Overwhelmed by the encouragement and praise I got yesterday from my 101 pounds lost post. The majority of you are strangers, yet you spent your time dropping me a kind word. I wanted to share some quick things that I've learned or am beginning to learn now that I've crossed the 100 pound mark. There's a lot more to go, so I'm sure this is only a fraction of what I'll learn as I push towards health and fitness. 25 Lessons after 100 Continue Reading