5 Steps to Healthy

5 steps to healthy

Today I am going to tackle another reader question: I'm 17 and weigh 290 pounds. I really want to be healthy! What's your biggest tip for someone wanting to lose a lot of weight?  (submitted by Maggie) Oh gosh, Maggie, to be 17 again! It feels like yesterday, but it's been 14 years - my goodness. For your sake, I won't start going on with the "when I was 17" stories. You probably don't want to hear about the golden days, LOL. In your Continue Reading

Ultra Beginners Fitness Guide


Once upon a time, I was sitting on my sofa at 455 pounds watching a workout DVD I had put in. It was labeled "beginner" so I thought that I could do it. I didn't even make it past the warm-up before flopping down on the sofa out of breath with tears running down my face. The next day, I was sore and my feet ached. This is what the reality is for many severely obese people who try to do exercise after months, or years, of being sedentary. I'm Continue Reading

4 Tips on Staying Positive

A few days ago, I asked if anyone had questions they wanted me to answer. You all have given me a lot to think about! If you have a question and haven't asked it yet, simply post a comment at this link. LyndawithaY asked: How do you stay so positive? Is it hard not to compare yourself with other smaller-sized women? I had a lot of feelings about this because I've worked hard over the past year or so to cut out negativity. To hear all my Continue Reading

Does a Blog Help You Lose Weight?

Pretty regularly, I get an email with this question somewhere in it: What do you think about weight loss blogging? Does it help you with your weight loss? I always have to think about it before replying, because the truth is, the answer isn't simple. The answer is: "it depends."   Pros: You can get support from others who are going through the same journey. Really, you can never have too much support It can help with Continue Reading

Half Marathon Training Tips

This is a guest post from Emily, who blogs at Big Life, Little Blog: One girl's bigger than life journey to a healthier, happier self; and tweets at @emtucky. Not only does she have the best name ever *smirk*, she is a great encourager and I asked her to share some tips that I could use while training for the RunTheBluegrass half. It's one thing to already be a runner to do this race, but if you carry any extra weight (or a lot like me) and Continue Reading