5 Steps to Healthy

5 steps to healthy

Today I am going to tackle another reader question: I’m 17 and weigh 290 pounds. I really want to be healthy! What’s your biggest tip for someone wanting to lose a lot of weight?  (submitted by Maggie) Oh gosh, Maggie, to be 17 again! It […]

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Ultra Beginners Fitness Guide

Ultra Beginners Fitness Guide

Once upon a time, I was sitting on my sofa at 455 pounds watching a workout DVD I had put in. It was labeled “beginner” so I thought that I could do it. I didn’t even make it past the warm-up before flopping down on […]

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4 Tips on Staying Positive


A few days ago, I asked if anyone had questions they wanted me to answer. You all have given me a lot to think about! If you have a question and haven’t asked it yet, simply post a comment at this link. LyndawithaY asked: How do […]

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Does a Blog Help You Lose Weight?


Pretty regularly, I get an email with this question somewhere in it: What do you think about weight loss blogging? Does it help you with your weight loss? I always have to think about it before replying, because the truth is, the answer isn’t simple. […]

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Half Marathon Training Tips


This is a guest post from Emily, who blogs at Big Life, Little Blog: One girl’s bigger than life journey to a healthier, happier self; and tweets at @emtucky. Not only does she have the best name ever *smirk*, she is a great encourager and I […]

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Fail to Plan

Fail to Plan

I know countless diet books, gurus and weight loss know-it-alls say this a lot. Let me say it again: “Fail to plan- plan to fail.” Kristina M sent me some food for thought through my writers block comment form, and this one was pretty timely. […]

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Fat Travel Woes (or “Woah’s”)

Fat Travel Woes (or “Woah’s”)

Hola from Miami! I’m traveling for work this week, and was reminded that every time I travel, I want to write a post about traveling while overweight. I used to have tons of anxiety before flights. My ass did not, and does not, still fit […]

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