5 Tips for Goal Success in 2015

5 Tips to Stay on Track with Your 2015 Fitness Goals

Happy New Year! I hope you're having a great 2015 so far. I'm personally happy to kick 2014 to the curb and start new beginnings and adventures. This time of year when New Years Resolutions are in full swing, I get emails and social media messages from new readers (hello there!) looking for help with starting their weight loss journeys or starting up a fitness routine. I'm not a personal trainer or nutritionist, but while I can't give you Continue Reading

Do the (Invisible) Work

Do the invisible work.

To lose weight, you just need to eat right and exercise. Am  I right? Of course I'm not. We look at that and think it's so easy, when in fact it's really difficult. So many variables come into play. On blogs and social media, we broadcast the good. There are food photos, sweaty face photos, and inspirational quotes. I'm a prime example of this. I like to celebrate those good things because let's face it: they don't happen all the time. Continue Reading

What if…


What if we stopped counting... carbs, calories, fat grams. An end to the distinction between good and bad foods. Ate food to nourish and satisfy us in the quantities our bodies are asking for. No entering foods in your journal and doing calculations in your head if you are allowed an item. Eating food without guilt or shame. What if we stopped worrying... what insignificant people in our lives think about how we look or choose to live our Continue Reading

“Need To” versus “Want To”


I spent the past week and a half working out of town, so apologies for the radio silence. While out of town, I was working in a hospital setting and had time to do people watching. I love people watching, especially at airports or in the mall. The hospital? Not so much. It's not the best feeling to be in a hospital when the most vivid, awful memory you have is of watching your mom take her last breath in ICU. With that memory comes a lot Continue Reading

Hidden Health Lessons from “Bridesmaids”


Emmie Note: Today, we've got a guest post from Chris, who blogs at thiiirdly. He's also on a weight loss journey (down 25 pounds so far) and he's quite funny. When he emailed me and asked if he could do a guest post related to "Bridesmaids," I automatically said yes because I think "Bridesmaids" is one of the most awesome films in cinematic history. Melissa McCarthy may have made me pee my pants when I first saw it. So now she and I are imaginary Continue Reading