Reflecting on Great Changes

Emily Sandford of Authentically Social

I can't believe it's December, yet I CAN believe it. It feels like there has been zero time that has passed between this year and last, and the day-to-day always feels like there's not much going on as far as big changes or news or excitement. My nature is just to do one thing, and move on. There may be the occasional crossing off an item on a checklist, but there is rarely (if ever) a moment where I sit down (or stand up or jump or dance) and go Continue Reading

Accountability Update

I decide reindeer antlers are a good thing (when paired with sequins, of course)

Here's another accountability update from last week, with my standard warning: WARNING: This blog is NOT a substitute for any advice given to you by your physician. Always consult your physician or health care provider before beginning any weight loss, nutrition or exercise program. Use of the programs, advice, and information contained in this website is at the sole choice and risk of the reader. Now that’s out of the way, onto the weekly Continue Reading

Taking Work Breaks with GaiamTV

My husband and dog think I'm looney.

I've made a conscious effort the past couple of weeks to get more activity in during the day. I'm at my computer for hours on end, so to help get some movement, I've transitioned part-time to a standing desk situation. My "standing desk" is actually a counter on a wet bar, but it's the perfect height and there's ample light and an outlet for my laptop cord. This week, I started taking little workout breaks with GaiamTV. There are so many Continue Reading

Outfits this Week

Plus Size New Arrivals

December is a month of lots of events and needing to cycle through outfits from work to professional cocktail to holiday bonanzas. I hate to admit it, but my closet probably has more clothes in a discarded pile on the floor than hanging on the racks. It's a mess. Anyway, here are 3 outfits I've got pulled for this week from my latest box of Gwynnie Bee arrivals. (Gwynnie Bee is an awesome service that's like the Netflix of clothing. Amazing) I Continue Reading

Accountability Update

Sweet Potato / Bacon / Onion Paleo Hash

Someone commented in my last post that they'd like to hear more of what I'm doing to get healthy. I think it will be good for an accountability perspective for me, and can also help me recognize good things I've done for myself along with things I can improve. My biggest concern with posting this is that I don't want people to follow what I do without getting proper clearance and instruction from medical professionals... WARNING: This blog is Continue Reading