Note: I have several posts on here about my mom and her impact/influence on my weight and her death in 2007. Her death was one of the triggering life events that got me to my highest weight, but it is also one of the biggest reasons I continue to fight for my health. She, with Parkinson's Disease, didn't have the choice to let her body deteriorate. I do. I choose life, and am striving to live a life full of experiences she wasn't able to.  Hi Continue Reading

Boot Scootin’


Today I had a list of about 5 errands to run, and I was on a mission to knock them out so I could get back to work. The problem? One of those errands involved a trip to Target, also known as the deep abyss. My wallet has yet to survive the lure of relatively-inexpensive pretty things, and today was no exception - even with a list in hand. First stop was the plus size clothing section, which has been downgraded to about 4 racks of mismatched, Continue Reading

Cha-Cha-Cha Changes!

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I may be running around throwing glitter and doing leaps around the house because I'm so happy about some blog changes that went into place this weekend. You see, I am a blogging addict. Skinny Emmie was my first blog, and I had since launched my plus size fashion blog, Emmie Loves. I also have a sorely neglected blog on my more "professional" website and a blog on my company website, which is also needing some love. I spend at least 20 hours Continue Reading

Time Flip Flop


I'm going to try not to make a habit out of bullet pointed posts, but it's about all I've got in me this week! Website changes coming soon, which has me pretty happy! My internal clock is flip-flopped: My brain doesn't wake up at perform at its creative peak until about 2pm, and then stops around 2am. I've been fighting it and trying to be more regularly scheduled, but it's just making me more stressed out. Think I'll just embrace my clock Continue Reading

Weekly Roundup


Welcome to the time where I mix a bunch of incoherent, seemingly unrelated things and put them into a single blog post. Sentences just aren't coming with ease for me today. This week I have been in a funk-o-rama. Not quite sure exactly why, but you know how it goes sometimes. Thanks to those who read my latest email newsletter that went out this week. Hard one to write, but it's an important part of my story. Want to subscribe? You can do Continue Reading