Sephora Sucker


You know what happens when you aren't dropping clothes sizes and are breaking out with teenage-reminiscent cystic acne? You run to Sephora, where everything promises to make you look shiny and new, and nothing will be too tight. These days, I liken Sephora to the Hello Kitty stores when I was 8. It all screams at you to touch it and love it. You want EVERYTHING and can't possibly choose. Clarisonic Mia 2: I've contemplated a Clarisonic Continue Reading

Where is the “Care” in Healthcare?


This week, a news story has been circulating about a patient who was turned away from a physician because she weighed more than 200 pounds. Read the article here, and then come back. I'll wait! Some of the comments I've heard supporting the doctor go along the lines of: "Good - most obese people don't admit there is an issue with their weight, so they need to be made aware that their weight is an issue." "Why does a doctor have to Continue Reading

Cookies for Breakfast

Sugar sucks the life out of me.

Oh friends. I've been sprawled out with my head on the desk for a good portion of the morning. Is this foggy brain exhaustion the result of a raging night of partying last night? Hardly. It is the result of cookies for breakfast. base image credit Sugar is the devil for me. During some of my heaviest years, I had moments of thinking I was narcoleptic when I would return from lunch and literally fall asleep at my desk for 60 seconds at a Continue Reading

Normally imbalanced


I got an email from a great supportive long-time blog reader about my latest email newsletter from a couple of weeks ago. (Even if you haven't read the newsletter, this story still applies, so sit tight.) Essentially, she noted her surprise at how different the tone was than my normal posts, especially on the fashion side where I appear much more confident. The destructive thoughts I revealed that plague me at times were in sharp contrast to a Continue Reading

Workout Nostalgia

Some old workout tapes

I took a trip down memory lane today while boxing up some old VHS tapes to send off for recycling. I've mentioned this before, but I never remember NOT being on some sort of weight loss mission. Even at age 5, I remember going with my mom to her group aerobics classes at a local church and trying to mimic the moves on my blue mat I was supposed to be sitting on in the front of the class. It was crazy how I remembered the various times of life Continue Reading