Review: Alesya Bag

I’ve had a few requests to post a review of my Alesya Bag – something I first wrote about here and that I lusted after for quite a bit before jumping in and purchasing it.

After much internal debate, I decided on getting the bag in Equestrian Tan. I love a good tan leather, and figured no matter what outfit or occasion, it would match.

First, the packaging. I know I don’t carry the package around with me, but seriously, it made me feel like I was opening a super luxe, fancy present!

Seriously, the bag goes with everything. It’s an oversized bag, obviously, but never feels too bulky. My biggest concern before purchasing was whether or not it would sit comfortably on my shoulder. First, my arms are larger, so I didn’t know if the handle would have a long enough drop. Second, I have shoulders that NOTHING will stay on, so I thought the size of the bag plus my sloping shoulders would mean an annoying bag falling off all the time. TOTALLY WRONG. It is GREAT. I can pack it with my Macbook, charger, headphones, big sunglasses wallet, checkbook, notepad, a few pens, keys, lipstick and even a bottle of water! The multiple compartments took about a week to get used to – I’m not used to having so many pockets and places to keep me organized!

I’ve gotten compliments on it from friends and strangers. I sat down at Panera and whipped out my laptop from that compartment and literally someone stared at me with surprise. Where did that pocket come from?!

I had a couple of people ask if it would fit their size laptop. The Alesya site says it will accomodate a 15 inch, and I have no doubt about that. I have a 13″ Macbook Pro and there is TONS of space for it. I tried putting my behemoth work computer in it (17″ and VERY thick) and it didn’t quite work, but it was much closer than I ever could have anticipated. Here are some photos with a ruler if you need to judge, but you can always ask Alesya first, or refer to the exact measurements on the product page.

The quality is exceptional. The leather is soft, supple and thick. It smells FANTASTIC. The lining is beautiful, and the zippers are heavy-duty. It took a little bit for me to get the hang of zipping the laptop compartment because the zipper is heavy and can stick a little, but it’s not a bad thing. I have no fears I’ll have a zipper malfunction with it!

If you are a mobile worker or travel a lot, I highly recommend this bag for the function and style. Even if you don’t always need your laptop, it’s a great, stylish option for a laptop bag should you need one, or if you simply just like the looks.

Any questions about the bag?

  • Erin

    Nice bags! I used to wonder why anyone would want to use purses, (I was a dork in high school…ok maybe still a dork) but now I can’t live without them! Finding the perfect purse is like finding your favorite jeans, fit is everything. So jealous of your bags now…..sneaks a hand over….j/k j/k

    Awesome find

  • Campbell

    I am getting ready to splurge and invest in this bag but i have a macbook pro 15 and I am a little concerned that it will not fit in the bag…what do you think ??

    • skinnyem

      You shouldn’t have any problem with a Macbook Pro 15. I have a Macbook Pro 13 and there is TONS of room left in the pouch. My old-clunker 17 inch work laptop almost fit, and it’s twice as thick as the Pro. The bag specs state it will accomodate a 15 inch, so you should be good to go! What color are you getting?

  • Campbell

    I am torn between the tan or green. I think the tan is more realistic, but i figure why not have a little fun with a bag that has to lug my laptop around. I am going to think of it as an early Christmas gift to myself!!

  • Lauren

    I just got one for my birthday and I’m in LOVE. I will echo each of the perks of the bag that you mentioned. I feel like it actually feels lighter when stuffed to the max than some of my other purses that I used to use to carry my laptop, even though I can fit so much more in. It’s a miracle bag.

    • skinnyem

      seriously, people are telling me to shut up about it, but I don’t care. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

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  • everytomorrow

    I’m waffling about ordering this bag. I love how it looks, and I really want a more professional, grown-up looking laptop bag for work. My problem is that I also need a bag that can hold *a ton of crap*.

    I don’t work in an office. I work in a different place almost every day, and some days I’m working 13 hour shifts. So I need a bag that will carry everything I need for a long work day — my work laptop (which is a none-too-slim 14-incher), its charger and other cables, a water bottle, snacks, and all my normal purse stuff (wallet, phone, earbuds, phone charger, makeup/medicine bag, kindle). I was all ready to click “buy” on the Alesya bag until I realized the top zip compartment was so shallow — I’m not sure all my junk would fit in the two side pockets.

    • Emily Sandford

      I’m just seeing this, but wanted to let you know that the bag holds SO MUCH STUFF. I have toted over 20 pounds in the thing. The top pocket is for quick grab items like keys and lipgloss, but the beauty is in the back pocket. My front pocket carries my laptop and/or multiple notebooks, magazines, books. The back section has at once carried my big wallet, eyeglasses, sunglasses, tablet in leather case, laptop cord, gum, extra lipsticks, and ballet flats. Now, I don’t recommend doing that every day, but when I travel that’s about what I carry in it!